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Prophecy or Supernatural?

Prophecy or Supernatural? Yes. You can decide for yourself which one of these happened to me in my life.  Three times noteworthy!  Many more times, but these three stand out in my memory very clearly.

The first time was in 1985.  We lived in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. Two of my three sons were 4 and almost 2.  My sister-in-law, her husband and their oldest son were visiting from Sicily. We were taking them around showing them Manhattan and New York.  We took them to visit some family of people they knew in Sicily. Story for another time.  While we were visiting these people, whom my ex and I knew and had visited quite often, the mother of the woman came to visit her daughter.  We had never met the mother before, but she talked like we knew her forever.  Mind you everyone here was speaking in Italian, my Italian was OK, but I understood her perfectly, strange I usually understood part of what people were saying and still needed an interpreter.  We left a couple of hours later, telling them we would be back to see them after we came back from Pennsylvania. We taking my in-laws to Amish country so we could show them some historical sites.

Since we would be traveling quite a ways away from home, we would be taking one car, which meant we couldn’t all fit, especially since my youngest was still in a car seat.  My best friend said she would watch him for the 3 days we would be gone. I was packing, and making notes for her, but something was bothering me, I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I wrote a note stating that if anything happened to us, she and her husband were to have full custody of my son. That something started to bother me even more.  I continued on, planning the trip. Then I realized what was bothering me, I had a feeling of death around me, heavy and sad. Once I realized this I became more nervous about going on this trip, especially leaving my young son behind. I didn’t say anything to anyone, because my ex would have just told me I was being stupid.

We left the next morning, everyone was cheerful and excited, except me, the inside me. We arrived in Lancaster and toured around. We called my best friend to let her know we had arrived safely and to check on my son. Later that day, the feeling of death lifted, just as quickly as it had descended on me.  I felt it lift and said to myself “You silly goose, where did that come from, see nothing is wrong”. We returned 3 days later, happy and exhausted and thrilled to see my youngest.  Later as we were sitting down to eat, the phone rang, (Now remember this is WAY before cell phones), I got up to answer it and it was the woman we had visited before we went to Pennsylvania.  She said she had been calling us the last few days to tell us her mother had passed away, 3 days ago.  I was in such shock I couldn’t tell anyone who was on the phone. My ex took the phone as I sat down heavily and grabbed my glass of wine and drank it like it was a water. What had just happened?!  A woman that I had just met, had died, and I had the feeling of her death surrounding me just a day before it happened.

Everyone thought I was in shock because of just meeting her, her passing, etc. No, I was in shock because of the deep feeling I had of death and how worried I was that it was meant for someone in my immediate family.  Prophecy? Supernatural?

Now we fast forward to August 31, 1997. We had planned a trip to Niagara Falls, Canadian side for mid August.  We returned to our, in the woods, away from civilization house in upstate New York, in time for the labor day weekend, which also happened to be my middle and youngest sons’ birthdays (August 30 & 31),  We had invited a few friends and family.  We were excitedly telling everyone how wonderful the trip was, when Anthony (middle son) said, “Yeah and you know how my mom says things and she’s really funny because they don’t make sense?” Everyone laughed and Anthony told me to tell everyone what happened in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. I laughed and said, “Oh you mean my blonde moment”?

Well, we were walking thru the museum, and the display is all about the English monarchy. We passed Henry the Eighth and his wives (did you know Anne Boelyn had six fingers on her left hand?) Neither did I. Walked past a few more.  Now the current royal family was at the end, in the middle of the room so you could view the wax figures closely from the left and the right. Anthony and I stood and looked at the figures on the left. Queen Mum, Princess Anne, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth.  In front of each was a plaque with the name, birth date, date of death (of course all were still alive).  We walked around the back of the display and came around to the right side of it, which had Princess Margaret, Prince Edward, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I was looking at the figures and at the plaques.  I looked at Princess Diana’s and said to Anthony, “Hey, look they forgot to put down when she died”!  I remember him looking at me like I had three heads. “Mom, she’s still alive! They all are!” and he ran off to laugh with my oldest, Vincent about my “blonde moment” I stood there surprised that I would say such a thing?!? Of course I knew she was alive!  Everyone laughed and talked about their blonde moments.

The next day, my cousin and my ex went to get a few groceries and pick up the newspapers.  When they returned my cousin was visibly upset.  I asked her what was wrong. She dropped the newspapers on the table in front of me and said “What the hell, can you see the future?” I looked at the headlines. Princess Diana had been killed in an automobile accident the day before!  Again, what had I said not three days before? I was so startled, everyone else just shrugged off the coincidence, everyone but me. The next day we got the newspapers to see if there was anything more being said about Princess Diana. Nothing new, but there was a three page spread about Mother Teresa and her latest visit. My cousin and I were reading the article, and I turned to my cousin and said, “She’s next.” my cousin looked at me and said “If you say so”.  Three days later Mother Teresa died.

I felt so confused and not able to understand why these “visions” were happening to me? What did I do to have this gift of sight? Never again did I say anything out loud when I got this feeling about someone. I tried to push the feeling down deep inside so I wouldn’t feel it anymore.  I succeeded for a while but it has been back the last 5 – 6 years.

My kids still don’t understand when they call me sometimes, I answer the phone with “What’s wrong?” instead of “Hello”.  Mother’s intuition? Maybe, but what about the other people? I’ve tried subtly to tell people to be prepared, when I have that dreaded feeling.

I have come to accept this gift, I don’t try to analyze it anymore or try to make sense of it.  It just is.

So you decide, Prophecy? or Supernatural?


A visitor from above

Walked out to the screened in porch (yes I live in Florida, yes I know it’s called a lanai, but the New Yorker in me still calls it a screened in porch) and there in the grass was a beautiful red cardinal. So bright red I wasn’t sure at first it was real. Both my puppies (Snoopy & Savannah) were watching it from the porch with me, not moving to chase it, just watching,  I believe someone was coming to say hello and the pups knew too, it was no ordinary bird.  It walked across the grass unafraid of us watching it, stopping to listen to a sound from the other side of the fence, to look at us and it kept walking around.

I said “Hello, who ever you are, nice of you to visit, not sure who you are, but welcome.  Usually when I’m thinking of someone a cardinal will come around.  Anyone listening probably would have thought I was crazy talking to a bird.

This went on for about 10 minutes as I told Mr. Cardinal (had a strong feeling it was a male) about my day at work.  He politely listened, tilting his head while walking back and forth in front of the screen. The pups never moved, in fact Snoopy sat down and just watched me have the conversation with Mr. Cardinal.

As I ended my conversation, with saying I needed to get food down for the pups and start my own dinner, Mr. Cardinal flew up to the bottle tree in my backyard, tweeted, flew to the top of the fence, looked back at me and flew off.

What a beautiful way to end my day, talking with a loved one,

I have seen many cardinals over the years, usually when I was thinking of a loved one that has passed.  This was the first time one has come to see me when I wasn’t thinking of someone, that stood there as if they were listening to me, said good bye and turned to have one last look before flying off.

Makes me believe even more that loved ones do indeed look down on you from above and watch over you every day.

To you and yours have a great day!