A visitor from above

Walked out to the screened in porch (yes I live in Florida, yes I know it’s called a lanai, but the New Yorker in me still calls it a screened in porch) and there in the grass was a beautiful red cardinal. So bright red I wasn’t sure at first it was real. Both my puppies (Snoopy & Savannah) were watching it from the porch with me, not moving to chase it, just watching,  I believe someone was coming to say hello and the pups knew too, it was no ordinary bird.  It walked across the grass unafraid of us watching it, stopping to listen to a sound from the other side of the fence, to look at us and it kept walking around.

I said “Hello, who ever you are, nice of you to visit, not sure who you are, but welcome.  Usually when I’m thinking of someone a cardinal will come around.  Anyone listening probably would have thought I was crazy talking to a bird.

This went on for about 10 minutes as I told Mr. Cardinal (had a strong feeling it was a male) about my day at work.  He politely listened, tilting his head while walking back and forth in front of the screen. The pups never moved, in fact Snoopy sat down and just watched me have the conversation with Mr. Cardinal.

As I ended my conversation, with saying I needed to get food down for the pups and start my own dinner, Mr. Cardinal flew up to the bottle tree in my backyard, tweeted, flew to the top of the fence, looked back at me and flew off.

What a beautiful way to end my day, talking with a loved one,

I have seen many cardinals over the years, usually when I was thinking of a loved one that has passed.  This was the first time one has come to see me when I wasn’t thinking of someone, that stood there as if they were listening to me, said good bye and turned to have one last look before flying off.

Makes me believe even more that loved ones do indeed look down on you from above and watch over you every day.

To you and yours have a great day!


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